TODAY’S RANT: Male Waiters

23 Apr

Today’s rant is against male waiters.

In the world of dining out, nothing is more annoying to me than when a male server hands both the check and the processed bill to the man at the table instead of the lady (I’m singling out male servers because this happens WAY less when a lady is handling the meal.)  Why not just put the check in the middle of the table and let the diners handle it like adults?  What?  You think because I have lady parts that I’m incapable of paying for my half (or ALL!) of the meal???

Even when I hand the waiter the credit card directly, the processed check still goes right to my boyfriend.  I always think to myself “are you not seeing that a lady’s name is on the card?”  What makes the waiter who sees a lady’s name on the credit card give it back to the gent?  Are they thinking “perhaps she can’t read and needs assistance?” or, worse, “this math will be hard…better let the man figure out the tip.”

Every time this happens, I get angry, and it makes me want to tip less.  The waiter does such a good job and then spoils the meal at the very end.  And the handing of the check to the male diner at the table is CONSIDERABLY more pronounced at the fancier establishments.  Because who lets chicks have money these days, right?  I bring my male protector everywhere to handle my finances.  Tipping is so hard, makes my small brain hurt so much!   Do you have any cookies? (you feelin’ that sarcasm? Except I really do always want cookies at the end of the meal.)

To male waiters everywhere: I invite you to join the 21st century with me and the rest of the gals who are making bank.  Your tips will be better if you do.

xoxo — Modern Lady — xoxo


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